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High Hopes: Broken Witt Rebels – best Southern band the USA never had?

The authentic sound of soulful, southern blues rock – straight outta Birmingham.

They don’t sound like they come from Birmingham. Playing blues rock with a soulful Skynyrd-like swagger – and fronted by a singer whose guttural howl sounds like it’s the product of a hard life spent frequenting gin joints south of the Mason-Dixon line – Broken Witt Rebels are an authentic southern band in all but actual geography.

“The nearest I’ve been to America is Frankie & Benny’s,” laughs frontman Danny Core. “We’d love to go and experience it first-hand.” 

These Rebels have drunk deep from the twin wells of blues and soul. “We’re massively into the originals like Muddy Waters, people like early Fleetwood Mac – the British blues explosion stuff is great,” confirms Core. Perhaps Zeppelin are a key reference point too – fellow West Midlanders whose coals-to-Newcastle relationship with America changed rock music forever.


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