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High Hopes: Ming City Rockers – rock'n'roll misfits vs the world

When they’re not dodging bottles, they’re dishing out old-school-inspired rock’n’roll.

Ming City Rockers don’t belong in their home town of Immingham. Young, gritty, reeking of cheap cider and vintage rock’n’roll, the foursome – two guys, two girls – are a weird fit for a Lincolnshire town known, if at all, for its oil refineries and child murderer Ian Huntley. And the locals agree.

“This one time, there were about twenty people chucking glass bottles at us and chasing us,” drawls singer/guitarist Clancey Jones, in a languid, Yorkshire-via-Soho accent that, even at 2pm, makes him sound slightly pissed. “I’m pretty sure they’d have killed us, but we got away. We had a crate of beer on us at the time, so it was more like ‘Save the beer!’”


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