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Joe Bonamassa: The Reluctant Rockstar (Behind The Sunglasses)

Is the guy with the wacky last name an arrogant prick, or just a guitar nerd? The blues hero tells all.

A few years ago, the formerly “fat, long-haired” guitar prodigy from New York looked set to become the next Eric Clapton.

Since joining forces with producer Kevin Shirley he has performed with Clapton and earned enough to fund a 242-strong guitar collection. But as he hits his twelfth solo album, Joe Bonamassa seems to have sidelined mainstream superstardom in favour of a comfortable, bluesy plateau. After years of largely covers-heavy records, that latest album, Blues Of Desperation, is a looser, rockier collection of original songs. It follows his split from pop-turned-rock singer Sandi Thom but, he tells us, it’s no heartbreak record. 


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