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The Struts: New Kings Of The Sunset Strip - via Derby

Fuelled by a love of decadent 70s rock, The Struts‘ thrilling ascent has taken them from Scunthorpe shitholes to Sunset Boulevard. Next stop: world domination.

The summit of Sunset Boulevard in LA sits the storied Rainbow Bar & Grill – the spiritual throne of rock’n’roll that for nearly half a century has offered drink, food and safe haven to rock’n’roll’s holiest of the holy, including Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Keith Moon and Elvis Presley. And yet, even for the noisy denizens of the smokey outdoor patio – for whom Dave Grohl sightings are ordinary – the appearance of four chicly attired twenty-somethings inspires a wave of giddy smiles and conspiratorial whispers. The Struts have arrived.

Fresh-faced and boisterous, you’d hardly know that in the past 18 hours the lads had flown from their native UK to LA – their recently adopted home – and dashed straight to some post-Grammy Awards parties in the Hollywood hills, eventually closing this very bar on just a few hours’ kip. Consequently, the Rainbow’s patio offers a fitting place to recharge over some hair-of-the-dog and sumptuous platters of bar food.

Not since The Darkness have a mainstream rock band, so unapologetically committed to the decadent bombast of 70s hard rock, enjoyed such a meteoric ascent as The Struts. Derby-born guitarist Adam Slack, his long blond locks tumbling from beneath a feathered Akubra cap, recalls the group’s origins: “We formed around a shared love of bands like Oasis, Slade and Queen. We wanted to bring back fun rock’n’roll music with big choruses. Basically we wanted to be the biggest band in the world, because there hasn’t been a band like that that’s been on top of the charts for a while – it’s all pop music.”

Casually dropping phrases like “biggest band in the world” smacks of vapid, Gallagheresque contrivance, and so we press – is he serious, or is this just barroom puffery? With a level matter-of-factness, Slack insists: “I don’t see why you’d want to be in a band unless you were trying to be the biggest band in the world. I mean it.”


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