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Welcome Back: RNDM – Pearl Jam bassist finds his "weirder Bowie" side

Beats from an iPad, layered with Mellotron? Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament’s side-band “embraces the taboo”.

Few musicians occupy such a central role in the development of rock music in Seattle as Jeff Ament.

A founding member of Green River, Mother Love Bone and Pearl Jam, the 53 year-old bassist has been at the heart of the Pacific Northwest music community for over 30 years. Ahead of a spring arena tour with Pearl Jam, this month Ament releases Ghost Riding, the second album from his side-band RNDM, which features singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur and former Fastbacks drummer Richard Stuverud. Taking cues from 80s electro-pop, indie-rock and funk, it’s unlike anything Ament has recorded previously, which, he says, is entirely the point. “From the beginning we felt this band should be what everything we’d done before wasn’t,” says Ament. “RNDM is all about embracing the taboo.”


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