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Q&A: The Temperance Movement

British blues-rockers The Temperance Movement have been living the high life with The Rolling Stones, but their new album finds them broadening their horizons.

The Temperance Movement made quite an entrance with their eponymous 2013 debut, their fiery blend of blues-drenched rock’n’roll managing to sound like several of your favourite bands all at once. Recorded in just four days, that album crackled with vitality and quickly established them as ones to watch. Since then, the stages and audiences have got steadily bigger and they’ve gained the attention of rock royalty. We caught up with frontman Phil Campbell and drummer Damon Wilson on their recent UK tour to talk about writing a follow-up record while touring, meeting Mick and Keef, and the meaning of the white bear…

It’s been a busy time since your 2013 debut – did it feel like a natural point to make this record?

Phil: We started making this album in 2014. The plan was to have it out in September, but then everything changed because we went over to America and they wanted to hold back and let the first record settle in over there and then follow it up. So it feels like a long time in the UK, because America dictated that it wouldn’t be released here until now. Though I think that’s been good for the material as we’ve already been playing some of it live.


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