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Whose version of Little Red Rooster is better: Howlin' Wolf's or the Stones'?

It’s the song that has ruffled feathers from the moment it first appeared, but did The Rolling Stones or Howlin' Wolf create version of has the most to crow about?

Little Red Rooster by The Rolling Stones holds a unique place in British music history. It’s the only recording of a blues song that has ever topped the pop chart. It wasn’t there for long, just one week in December 1964, but for a while during that winter you could turn on your radio and hear about a rooster who was ‘too lazy to crow for day’. ‘Dogs begin to bark, hounds begin to howl… Watch out, strange cat people’ – or something like that: we’ll come back to this – ‘little red rooster’s on the prowl.’ All set to swoops of deep Mississippi slide guitar. And all modelled on a three-year-old recording by Howlin’ Wolf.


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