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An Interview with Joe Bonamassa: “My guitar playing has never been so good…”

He’s loved for his Herculean work rate, knowledge and blues prowess, and now Joe Bonamassa is setting phasers to stun with a new album, Blues Of Desperation.

The hardest-working man in show business. For years that phrase fit the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, like a velvet glove before it was applied (and self-applied) to dozens of other performers. These days, that title can rightfully be used to describe Joe Bonamassa, the modern blues titan, a tireless recording and touring monster, to whom the very idea of a holiday seems like anathema. Consider the facts: in the past 16 years, Bonamassa has released an astonishing 11 solo albums – no, we can make that 12 counting his just-issued new record Blues Of Desperation – 15 live recordings and DVDs, collaborated on a couple of albums with singer Beth Hart and his funk-jam side band, Rock Candy Funk Party, and he’s still managed to find the time to squeeze in more than 100 concert dates around the globe.


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