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Stevie Nimmo: Back In The Game

Stevie Nimmo is back with a new attitude and a new album, Sky Won't Fall, partly inspired by living in the French countryside. A renaissance man, you might say…

I felt like I was cheating the public,” admits Stevie Nimmo. “I felt I was going through the motions as a player. I even remember standing on a stage, thinking, ‘I’m going through the motions and none of you are noticing.’ That’s a horrible thing.” The Scottish bluesman does not pull his punches. When you’ve been on the scene for 20 years, first as one half of the Nimmo Brothers and then as a solo artist in your own right, you can tell it like it is. Chuck in that he’s survived cancer, and added to his Scottish roots you can see why Stevie has a “no holds barred” attitude to everything, including his music. But that wasn’t always the case.


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