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Smashing Venues And Getting Threats From Godzilla: Meet The Most Dangerous Band

They may have changed their name, but Heck - AKA The Artists Formerly Known As Baby Godzilla - are still hell-bent on destruction

They say that the calmest point of a tornado is its eye. If that’s the case, then talking to Heck guitarist Jonny Hall is as close as we’ll ever get to understanding what it’s like to be at the core of something nearly as destructive – one of his band’s live performances. They’ve already passed into folklore among the UK underground scene.

“Every show, I get a moment where I suddenly come out of myself,” laughs Jonny. “I look at the fact that I’m stood on a PA stack or hanging off of a balcony and think, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ But it just allows us to let off steam in a positive way; it’s a completely natural release to us. You might ask why we do it, but I’d ask why more bands don’t do it.”

Since their formation in 2009, Heck have left a trail of floored jaws, ringing ears and broken venues in their wake. Shows typically start with each bandmember marching into the crowd before a note has even been played and setting up somewhere, anywhere, else in the building. Instruments are thrown, venues are scaled and explored, the bands’ songs crumble around the weight of the anarchic chaos going on around them, audience members cower in the corner of the room in fear of their own safety, things – be it equipment or body parts – get broken and busted beyond repair. To call it intense is to undersell what Heck do.

“I have to go on an extensive fitness regime before we tour or I just can’t do it,” Jonny tells us. “Some bands can drink and get fucked-up after a show, but we can’t because we want to be able to deliver this live performance every time we play. And it is mentally and physically exhausting. I come off tour and I’m broken. But it just gives me them chance to be a twat and get paid for it! Ha ha!”


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