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The Enid: Life After Robert John Godfrey

As Robert John Godfrey prepares to step down from The Enid, he and frontman Joe Payne tell us about their new album, Dust, and Godfrey reveals what the future now holds for himself, and for th

Robert John Godfrey has no doubt about what makes The Enid different to other bands.

“We use all of the keys. The 12 major ones and the 12 minor ones. And we’re also prepared to introduce artificial keys if it works for us. In that respect, we are unique.”

The Enid have never respected conventional musical rules, always adapting to the prevailing conditions. Godfrey acknowledges that this goes right back to first album In The Region Of The Summer Stars in 1976.

“We had a wunderkind on vocals in Peter Roberts, but he committed suicide for reasons none of us understood at the time,” says Godfrey. “We didn’t want to go ahead and record the album after Peter died. But our label EMI suggested we turn In The Region… into an instrumental record, and I wasn’t against that.”

Now the band have reached their 16th studio release, and Dust represents the completion of a trilogy that started in 2010 with Journey’s End, continuing two years later with Invicta. The new album is not only a consummate representation of where the current line-up of the band – which only came together last year – have taken the style and sound, but it also nods strongly towards the past.


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