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AC/DC: The Final Salute – High Voltage & Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

After two Australia-only album releases, it was time to look abroad. A compilation from those two was their first step towards global fame.

"Dear Sounds, ‘Whilst scanning your pages over the past few weeks I have come across pictures of a rather delectable-looking creature who goes under the name of Angus Young and who is apparently the lead guitarist with an Aussie rock outfit called AC/DC...

‘As an ardent fan of punk rock (and schoolboys), I reckon it to be quite possible that I should appreciate their music and wondered if you could get me any further info on this young man and his sidekicks.

‘Surely you’re not going to leave me drooling over the photos and not tell me more about Mr Young and co?’

– Jane Hunt, Lowestoft, Suffolk

(Letter published in Sounds_, June 12, 1976 edition)_

In spring 1976, an elite hit squad of journos from Sounds music weekly – including yours truly – was invited to the London offices of Atlantic Records to watch a film in the company’s in-house cinema. A film! A real-life motion picture! This was heady, exotic stuff. Of course, there were no DVDs, video streams or mpeg files in those days. Not even VHS cassettes. Atlantic treated us to the full-on celluloid experience, complete with old-fashioned reel-to-reel projector chattering away at the back of the room and everything.


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