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High Hopes: The Bonnevilles – "The hard-ass blues musician in me was coming out"

“I write and sing about death and dying.” You might too if you lived next to a “kill squad”…

It doesn’t take a psychoanalyst to work out why death is a dominant theme of The Bonnevilles’ album Arrow Pierce My Heart. “Lurgan is just a small town in Ulster,” singer/guitarist Andy McGibbon Jr says of his roots. “But when I was growing up, The Troubles were still on, and to me Lurgan represented death. This is where people died.

“Lurgan was part of an infamous thing called the murder triangle,” he continues. “There was a Loyalist kill squad that lived in the town across from us. I was only sixteen, and that was my reality. It very much frames me as an adult. Y’know, I write and sing about death and dying – which is a very Irish thing to sing about.”


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