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Welcome Back: Lee Aaron – The Queen Of Metal Returns

Drumming drunk with Rock Goddess, hotel fights with fire extinguishers… Is the singer still a reluctant Metal Queen?

In the 1980s, Lee Aaron was among the most highly regarded female vocalists on the hard rock scene. Through albums like Call Of The Wild and Bodyrock she lived up to her epithet as the Metal Queen.

In the mid-90s she switched to a jazz approach, and has been away from rock until now. After taking a break from 2004 to bring up her children, the Canadian is back in the rock groove with new album Fire And Gasoline.

It’s twenty years since your last rock album. Why did you decide to do another one now?

I always knew I would, I just didn’t know when. Meeting guitarist Sean Kelly in 2013 gave me the impetus to go out and do it again.


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