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What is the message behind Black Peaks?

Black Peaks’ alt-metal assault is thrilling, angular and heavy as fuck, but hidden in their lyrics is a message that’s driving them to the brink

Often, it’s only through multiple listens that you can fully comprehend what a band are trying to say. Metal can be a varied and complex genre that requires you, the listener, to delve into the creator’s world and scratch below the surface before you really discover hidden depths and meanings. And if it’s true of the art, so too can it be true of the artists.

Sitting in the pristine bar of an upmarket East London photo studio, surrounded by fruit teas and frothy cups of coffee and with Stevie Wonder blaring over the stereo, are the four members of Black Peaks. To someone observing the band nonchalantly, this could be any group of casually clothed, unassuming young men as they quietly and politely introduce themselves to Metal Hammer. Vocalist Will Gardner is the most openly chatty of the bunch, smiling and warmly shaking our hand as he sits down to talk about his band. From this scene alone, you’d never be able to comprehend the depth of the music these men have created.

“Outside of music, the outside world affected us and inspired us,” begins guitarist Joe Gosney. “I think if there was one thing that we can say fuelled us and we used as a catalyst for our music, it was the desperation to get out of Brighton and spread... I mean... most of it is in the lyrics...”


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