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Everything you need to know about Party Smasher Inc

Ben Weinman has spent the last 20 years kicking and screaming with The Dillinger Escape Plan, and now he’s channelling his energy into Party Smasher Inc – a new venture he hopes will transform

Anyone who has seen The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman hurtling across the stage, attacking his guitar and amps and playing angry, angular riffs at tempos that sound more like meth-metal than math-metal might not take the guy for an astute businessman. Conversely, back in 1997, when the guitarist was enrolled in business school and working as a designer and programmer at internet tech company Logical Design Solutions, his co-workers had no idea he was in a free- wheeling rock band.

“It was a bit like Fight Club,” Ben says, nestled into one side of a beige couch in his colonial- style home in suburban New Jersey. “I would come to work with a tie and a black eye. People would say, ‘What happened?’ and I’d go, ‘Oh, I hurt myself playing soccer.’ No one knew I was going out at night and playing CBGB in New York and these squats and crust punk places in Philadelphia.”

Today, Ben is a successful musician (The Dillinger Escape Plan are currently recording their sixth full-length album) and an entrepreneur. When he’s not managing the band, consulting for other musicians or dipping into the waters of artist management, he’s busy building his new cross-platform, multimedia project, Party Smasher Inc. Currently, the company consists of a website featuring video interviews with creative people (more on that later), merch, a label and a technology research and development component. But Ben has even more ambitious goals for his company. “We want to help create a community of likeminded creative people that will work under the Party Smasher umbrella to present innovative ideas and build their careers through music and art,” he reveals.

I'd come to work with a tie and a black eye


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