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Hatebreed: Jamey Jasta's guide to having a positive mental attitude

The Hatebreed frontman gives us his rules for a life of positivity

Bummed out by the world going to shit? We got Hatebreed’s motivational maverick to help us help you keep that chin up.


“Now my daughter is in her teens, she gets straight As at school and she’s also got a job, so I really feel that my work ethic and positive mental attitude has rubbed off on her. I always said to her that if she got a high school diploma then she would have done more than me, and I feel like her drive is inspiring to me and, having not had a college education, that maybe I should go and get a diploma or start an online course or something! So it’s that feeling of, ‘It’s never too late’; I could do that or I could write a book or make a film! It’s realising that no matter what your situation is, you have options.”


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