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Step inside Schammasch's spiritual journey

Schammasch’s seven-year spiritual journey has proved as liberating as it’s been intensive. The Swiss band’s latest, triple magnum opus looks set to transcend all remaining boundaries

Schammasch mastermind C.S.R is a man in search of nothing less than transcendence. Walking a creative path towards a spiritual awakening that has separated him not only from everyday reality, but from the metal scene itself, he is driven by an ambition to take their singular brand of high-concept, magisterially devastating black metal as far as it can go.

His ambitions have been lofty from the outset, following up 2014’s double album, Contradiction, only their second, with forthcoming triple album Triangle. Schammasch stand on the cusp of bigger things, of which there is yet no guarantee, but towards which C.S.R has singlemindedly committed himself.

“I quit my job a year ago, but that was an easy sacrifice!” he laughs, alleviating the stress in his thoughtful baritone. “All I’ve done is live off my savings and write and record Triangle. I’m seriously running out of money and I don’t have a plan for the future.”

It is but the latest step in his struggle towards the light, a tale to be told in three parts, beginning with the disavowal of metal.


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