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Tiny Giant - the new band from Pure Reason Revolution's Chloë Alper

Dreamy pop prog duo tackling love, time, loss and regret.

Chloë Alper has been involved in music for over 20 years – and she’s still only 34. But then she did form Period Pains, a riot grrrl outfit, when she was 13, before becoming the singer-bassist with “astral folk/new prog” band Pure Reason Revolution. These days, she’s one half of Tiny Giant, a double-act with Mat Collis.

The line‑up expands to a five-piece live, where their now‑frenzied, now‑ethereal shimmers and surges multiply the power of their studio incarnations.

When asked what the link might be between her various groups and phases, Alper says, “I’m not sure there is a connection other than that I’ve grown up in bands, in music. I started when I was 13 and music has consumed my life since then.”

As to why she chose the name Tiny Giant, it was one of the first songs she and Collis wrote. In a broader sense, it applies to the fact that “we’re stylistically unafraid to move between unassuming and overblown. It’s an interplay between nothing and everything that suits us in ethos, outlook and physicality.”

Sincere and serious, these days Alper writes “to demystify and sanitise myself and other people”. A Tiny Giant song, she explains, tends to be about “love, time, loss and regret.

“I’m terrified of regret – regrets make my heart beat faster,” she admits. “And loss fascinates me because death is the great leveller.”


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