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All Around The World: Meet Turin's Koneskin

Drummer Sergio Ponti introduces the Turin band who draw from a melting pot of styles and cultures.

Born in Indonesia 35 years ago, Feryanto Demichelis was adopted by an Italian family when he was just one month old. Today, the pianist has two classical music degrees to his name, owns and runs a music school in Rivoli near Turin, and is the singer/keyboardist for three-piece Koneskin.

As their drummer and spokesman Sergio Ponti explains, the name’s a synthetic portmanteau word. “In Indonesian ‘Koneski’ means to be spiritually connected. We added the ‘Skin’ part because of Feri’s dark skin and our slightly lighter skin. It’s that idea of bonding, and of connection with different places.”

Completed by Demichelis’ childhood friend, guitarist Gabriele Zoccolan, the trio have opened their account with Liberty Place. Drawing on Belew-era Crimson, Muse, Radiohead, this deceptively complex, moody debut is headed up by the 20-minute three-piece post-rock suite To Fall Apart. They can do spiky and soporific, often in the same song, and Demichelis’s plaintive vocals are heart-rending throughout. Twelve- minute closer Maya (Fer Au D’Sol) is a particularly dramatic highlight.


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