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My Prog Hero: Novelists guitarist Florestan Durand on Periphery

Stumbling upon Periphery’s music changed the way the Novelists’ guitarist approached his craft.

“It was my brother [Amael, Novelists’ drummer] who first played me Periphery’s Letter Experiment maybe four or five years ago.

I immediately fell in love with it because it was so fresh. I really like their use of clean sounds and their ambient touches, like on Have A Blast from Periphery II. [Guitarist] Misha Mansoor has both a simple and heavy style in his music; he uses richer chords with a slightly jazzy approach, which influenced me a lot as I studied jazz at music college after I left school. I think the way Misha creates contrasts in his music is really interesting, like juxtaposing beautiful moments with these very rhythmic, overdriven guitars. I’ve actually tried to play a few of his riffs but I haven’t tackled any of their full songs.


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