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Review roundup - The best new post-rock releases

Alex Lynham rounds up the latest post-rock releases from Hammock, School of Seven Bells, Julianna Barwick, SPC ECO and more.

Oddly-named yet stunningly talented, Hammock aren’t as known as other modern post-rock outfits, but they come with a sizeable cult following and the patronage of luminaries including Sigur Ròs’s Jonsi.

Their self-released Everything and Nothing (available from this website) is an emotional and dense record inspired by personal struggles and introspection. A powerful entry in their discography, it leads you by the hand through its themes rather than bludgeoning you with them.

One the best releases of the year comes from School Of Seven Bells, but it comes with a tragic story. SVIIB (Vagrant – see the website) contains new material and ideas recorded before their guitarist, Ben Curtis, died of lymphoma, and tells the story of Ben and co-founder Alejandra Deheza, through her survivor’s lens. The two were star-crossed lovers as well as bandmates, and the group kept going even after their relationship ended, only for fate to throw them another curveball. It’s a continuation of their previous, excellently gauzy outings, but with a unique, haunting emotional clout.


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