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Discs Of Doom: Katatonia's Jonas Renkse

From Kiss to Celtic Frost, the ten records that changed Jonas Renkse's life

The First Album I Bought Was…

Kiss - Killers [Phonogram, 1982]

“I think it might have been Kiss, the Killers compilation, at a second-hand record store in Stockholm. I was into Iron Maiden and wanted their Killers album but I couldn’t find it. I was intrigued by Kiss and since their album had the same title it didn’t really matter, ha ha!”

The Album To Break The Speed Limit To Is...

Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness [Earache, 1989]

“I can’t drive but if I could, I’d be speeding to this. It has everything a death metal album should have. It’s wicked, morbid and insane. Morbid Angel set a new standard for how fast you could play in metal. I remember hearing Slayer and thinking, ‘You can’t get faster than that!’ A few years later, Altars Of Madness blew me away. To this day, it’s an amazing record.”


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