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New Testament: Creeper's Will Gould says it's okay to be different

Creeper have become the voice for a generation of outcasts, and Will Gould says it's ok to be different

Since I was a kid, I identified that I was different from a lot of the people around me. When I went to school my interests were just completely different from everybody else’s, which were sport and football and things like that, and I couldn’t get my head around it. It all lacked the pomp and flamboyance of what interested me. The only thing I had in common with most of them was that I liked professional wrestling, but I liked it for totally different reasons to the other kids. They liked the violence and the swear words and I liked it because I loved the idea of these big, tough men adopting these larger-than-life superhero characters.

So I already saw that disconnect from my peers, and it only became more obvious when I found punk music. I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world, and when you’re into something that much, it becomes everything. I couldn’t go with my Dad to see punk shows – it seemed a world away from what people at my school liked. It was a genuine alternative.


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