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Brad Whitford Q&A: “Aerosmith is a colossal pain in the ass”

Who needs Steven Tyler anyway? Not Brad Whitford, who has resurrected his 80s side-project Whitford/St Holmes – and checked “massive egos” at the door

In 1981, Brad Whitford and Derek St Holmes teamed up and recorded the Whitford/St Holmes album. Given the two guitarists’ pedigrees with Aerosmith and Ted Nugent respectively, it was a highly anticipated collaboration, and the album was packed with commendable anthemic blues rock. But the project quickly faded when Whitford rejoined Aerosmith in 1983. St Holmes subsequently worked with Michael Schenker and on the soundtrack for the film Dazed & Confused, among other projects, before teaming up again with Nugent in 2014.

Recently the two guitarists re-formed Whitford/St Holmes and released the melodic, energetic Reunion, a record which shows they’ve got a contemporary streak.


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