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Heart: the gospel according to Ann Wilson

If Heart singer Ann Wilson was President, selfies and reality TV would be banned, the gun laws would be fixed, and as for Donald Trump…

From hippie chick to MTV icon and back again, Ann Wilson of Heart has spent four decades in the limelight. Here’s her view of the world and what might happen if she were in charge.

Global warming is real…

We are ruining our environment with the way that things are being run, and it’s thoughtless. Whenever I drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and see all of those cattle death farms along the way, it makes me realise how we’re killing so much of the planet raising cattle just so that people can eat hamburgers. The methane generated by that process is what’s really wrecking the environment more than anything else. People should stop burying their head in the sand and stop thinking that it doesn’t affect them.

Politicians don’t care about the big issues…

If the current political discourse is anything to go by, nothing is going to change. Things have become so juvenile, coarse even. People are fascinated by Donald Trump because he’s a weird, reality-TV character. The President Of The United States is the most powerful man in the world, but Trump behaves like a teenage boy. The world under that man would be a very scary place indeed. It all seems to be about social orders, not a mindful conversation about who’s best to govern.

There will be a female US President…

I’m not saying that it will be Hillary Clinton, because personally I favour Bernie Sanders. But I absolutely think that a female will be handed the keys to the White House, just like I think that there will be a gay president. It can only be a matter of time. When Ronald Reagan, a former actor, got the top job it kicked the door wide open. Over half of the people in this country are women so, believe me, it’s coming.


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