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6 things you need to know about… The Virginmarys

British alt-rockers The Virginmarys channel the spirits of Jimi Hendrix and The Who to wage war on today’s apathetic generation

Few bands look more livid on stage than The Virginmarys. Drummer Danny Dolan pounds his kit with the look of someone about to start a fight; bassist Matt Rose assumes a thumping, almost rhythm guitarist-like role; singer/guitarist Ally Dickaty spits out lines of social commentary with guttural ferocity seldom seen among his peers. So it seems right to give them fire (well, flares) and set them loose in their local forest for our photo shoot today.

Following their game-raising second album Divides, the Macclesfield trio have reason to feel energised. “It’s the best work we’ve done,” Dickaty says. “We were made up to record with Gil Norton [Pixies, Foo Fighters]. It was a dream come true.”

Here’s what you need about the band who want to give rock its spine back…


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