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Limelight: Last Flight To Pluto

Catchy, Rush-influenced prog rock with more than a few surprises…

Last Flight To Pluto are certainly something of an enigma. Hailing from the rolling hills of South Wales, their many years of covering various other bands’ music before creating their own has no doubt influenced their difficult to categorise, particularly unique musical style.

“We have been round on the cover circuit for so long, so we’ve had to do everything from Adele to the Red Hot Chili Peppers!” explains the band’s drummer Daz Joseph. In fact, the inclusion of funk-style rapping similar to that of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the song Red Bill on their debut album See You At The End is certainly one of the album’s most surprising factors, but fear not: Last Flight To Pluto are undoubtedly prog at their core. “We’ve a sound where all of our influences have been mashed up together,” explains singer Alice Freya, “from that big Rush sound to Chili Peppers pop.” On paper, it probably shouldn’t work. But the young band, completed by guitarist Jack Perry, bassist Jon Constantine and vocalist Brett Andrews, have successfully crafted an album that’s as eccentrically nostalgic as it is contemporary.


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