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Are Nails the nastiest band in metal?

Californian trio Nails are raging back onto the scene with new album You Will Never Be One Of Us, and it’s their most vicious yet

Hellacious riffs that charge with all the power of jacked-up rhinos. Barbed vocals that could shatter brick walls. A combined force of blistering speed and bruising might that feels like a hammer to the face. This the sound of violence. This is Nails.

The Californian trio formed in 2007, and three years later unleashed their planet-shattering debut Unsilent Death – a 10-track audioslaughter that clocked in at 14 minutes. In 2013 came the even more destructive Abandon All Life, which dumped all pretensions of accessibility. And now they’re back with their finest and most violent album yet, You Will Never Be One Of Us.

Speaking over the phone while on a break at his office job, vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones says that, after almost a decade, Nails have finally achieved their vision of channelling “Discharge, Crossed Out and Slayer”. But why are the band so driven by aggression?

“You don’t start a metal or punk band to make happy music – everybody who plays this kind of music wants to voice their contention with the world,” Todd begins. “When you’re a kid, everything seems fine and you don’t really know what’s going on. You don’t have real opinions until you’re a teenager, and then you start realising shit’s fucked up and that you have a choice and can change things. It’s a feeling I still feel now.”

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