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Chuck D and Scott Ian: Bring The Noise turns 25

Anthrax and Public Enemy legends Scott Ian and Chuck D shoot the shit on rap metal, Bring The Noise, groundbreaking tours and the song that changed it all

In an age where nu metal’s influence runs riot and a generation raised online has access to more varied sounds than ever, it’s easy to take the cross-pollinaton of metal and hip hop culture for granted. Back in the summer of 1991, however, such genre-mashing was practically unheard of. Over a decade before the commercial peak of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, and years before Rage Against The Machine’s funk metal assault, the roots of rap metal were being sown by two bands raised in the streets of New York, from scenes that, on the face of it, couldn’t have been more different. While Run-DMC and Aerosmith may have got the rap-rock ball rolling five years earlier with Walk This Way, it was when a young Anthrax hooked up with hip hop pioneers Public Enemy that history was truly made. Producing a fresh, thrashed-up take on Public Enemy’s 1988 single Bring The Noise, the collaboration spawned a hit single, a tour and a sound that would change heavy music. A quarter of a century later, we sat down with Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Public Enemy’s Chuck D to get the story on the spark that started a music revolution.


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