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Why have Lacuna Coil written an album about insane asylums?

Lacuna Coil's new concept album Delirium confronts the trauma of mental health problems head on

Cristina Scabbia is emotional. Mid-sentence, she stops and looks down, unable to find the words to express herself. Although, really, she doesn’t need to: the pain is plastered all over her face. Andrea Ferro, the co-vocalist alongside Cristina in Lacuna Coil, looks over at her with concern before trying to pick up the conversation.

“Mental health is something that is so stigmatised,” she says, looking at the floor. “And, having seen the effects of it first hand, we wanted to try and tackle it. Not because it was cool or because we are all so crazy, but because it is such a big problem in the world for so many people to really understand. And the results of it can be… traumatic.”

It’s midweek morning rush hour in London, and Cristina and Andrea have arrived at Hammer HQ at this ungodly time to talk to us about their band’s eighth album, the intriguingly titled Delirium. As they cradle coffee and warmly shake our hand, there’s no inkling as to what’s about to go down. What we do know in advance is that the cover of their new album features a sombre-faced Cristina, dressed in a straitjacket, tracing the title into a fogged-up mirror. It’s a personal and unsettling image.

“This record is a concept album in many ways,” say Andrea. “But, although them characters and stories we tell are fictional, they are inspired by real things.”

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