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How Joey Jordison's new band Sinsaenum came to life

"Joey killed the drums! He was angry..." Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq on how he and Joey Jordison came together to form new band Sinsaenum

While Joey's new band Vimic represents a beefed-up reboot of Scar The Martyr, he's also been behind the kit for a second, brand new band – Sinsaenum. The brainchild of Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq, it’s a more murky blend of death and black metal, featuring the twosome alongside some of the leading lights of the extreme scene, including dual vocals from Mayhem’s Attila Csihar and Dååth’s Sean Zatorsky. We asked Frédéric what the supergroup have planned for their dark future.

****How did Sinsaenum first come about?****

Frédéric: “Oh Christ, even I have trouble remembering when it started! I always wrote death metal songs. I started to write in 1998, then I was doing something else [he played in the French bands Memoria and Heavenly], and I’m still doing something else, with Dragonforce. The first person I spoke to was Stéphane [Buriez, guitar] from Loudblast. It must’ve been in 2010 that we said, ‘Let’s really do something about it.’”

****How did Joey get involved?****

“I kept writing more songs, and one day in 2013 I got a text from Joey. We call each other ‘Morbid Angel’ – don’t ask why – so the text said, ‘Morbid Angel, what you up to?’ I was like, ‘Well, I just got back from tour… talking about Morbid Angel, I have these death metal songs.’ He was like, ‘You should send them to me!’ Two days later, he came back like, ‘Fuck yeah, that’s really cool. Who’s playing drums? I want to do it.’ So I started to ask more people that I had in mind.”

****How did you guys meet?****

“We did the Mayhem tour together in the US, in 2008. One day drinking we were talking about death metal, and then we got talking about it more and more. That’s how you get to know people – you find what you have in common. We had drinking and Morbid Angel.”

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