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Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried & Me) – 10 Records You Should Hear

The 10 records that shaped Between The Buried & Me's Tommy Rogers

The First Album I Ever Bought was: Mötley Crüe, Too Fast For Love [Elektra, 1982]

Live Wire was the first riff I ever learned, so this record had a big impact on me. This tape – yes, tape – changed my life. I’d look at the insert over and over again, blown away by the imagery. I knew then that I wanted to play music.”

The Best Album Artwork Is: Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath [Vertigo, 1970]

“Think of the time period the art lived in and how that art affected the listener; I imagine it frightened people when they saw it in the shops. The mystery surrounding it still stands the test of time and it represents that era of music visually more than any other record.”


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