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This is what Bohemian Rhapsody would sound like if Queen were a reggae band

Every wondered what a chilled out Bohemian Rhapsody would sound like? You're in luck!

Mention rock and reggae in the same breath and people will immediately think of Geordie environmentalist Sting squawking about having a stroll on the moon. Or worse still, there's that clip of Axl Rose spinning around in his underpants demanding reggae from his bandmates.

In a move that will no doubt anger classic rock purists, prolific YouTuber Wilton Turdley – the man who gave Ozzy a ska make-over and turned Rammstein into a bossa nova act – has transformed Queen's tense 1975 mini rock opera into something that wouldn't be out of place on a reggae compilation you'd hear blaring at your local market.

What we want to know is, is this musical blasphemy or utter genius? We love it.

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From the archive

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