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Former Angel guitarist Punky Meadows is back with new album Fallen Angel

Former glam-rock star Punky Meadows is back with solo album Fallen Angel, his first new music since the '80s. He talks us through what he's been up to in the meantime

Blessed with extravagant dark and hair and hollow cheekbones, Washington DC-born Meadows was the co-founding guitarist of Angel, best remembered for wearing all-white outfits and a style that fused hard rock, pomp, prog, glam and even pop. Despite having been recommended to Kiss’ label, Casablanca Records, by Gene Simmons, the big time never came and after Angel’s split in 1981 Meadows vanished. A debut solo album, Fallen Angel is his first new music since those days.

After 35 years away, how did you end up returning to music?

I had retired from playing but I found an Angel fan page on Facebook a few years ago and realised how many people still remembered the band and were touched by us. I agreed to do an internet radio interview, and so many people tried to listen in that the website crashed. I was dumbfounded. And then I started to get offers of record deals.

Bizarrely, you had owned and run a tanning salon in Oakton, Virginia?

I had several businesses, including property. But yeah, I had four salons and I loved it. It was a really upscale clientele… a lot of pretty girls. But I never stopped playing guitar or writing songs.

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