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High Hopes: introducing Texan noise lords Wo Fat

Wo Fat's blues-laden stoner rock is heavy, but so is their message: the apocalypse is coming! Say hello to the Texan noise makers...

“We’re trying to reach another level, mentally and emotionally,” explains Kent Stump, singer/guitarist with Texan noise lords Wo Fat. “And we want to bring the listener along with us on that journey. Sometimes it’s ephemeral, but you’re always trying to find that moment where everything comes together perfectly. That’s why we keep playing, I guess.”

An immersive experience in which stoner grooves and metal riffs jostle for air in a churning tide of psychedelic juju, Wo Fat’s music invokes the primal assault of Kyuss or Orange Goblin. That the band do it with such abandon, their open-ended jams anchored by a sure foundation in the blues, only makes it more appealing.

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