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Body Count have covered Slayer's Raining Blood and it's amazing

Ice-T's hardcore band film Slayer classic during rehearsals

So, your name is Ice-T and your band Body Count have just signed a deal with Century Media. You’re working on your first album for the label. How do you blow off some steam in between rehearsals?

By streaming a brutal version of Slayer’s _Raining Blood_ for your fans on Periscope.

A thoughtful fan called pentagramhands has ripped the footage and uploaded it onto YouTube for the wider world to enjoy. During the five minute clip, the Los Angeles sextet are seen taking a break in their rehearsal room until someone suggests they play the 1986 thrash classic – and they weren't fucking about.

"Ice T diggin' on Periscope for the first time – so get over the vertical camera filming – and they kill it with a RAD, impromptu cover of Slayer's Raining Blood," says pentagramhands. "Reposting for Ice-T/ BC because it's pretty badass for a spontaneous jam sesh!"

And who knew that Ice could imitate Tom Araya's bark? If this is a hint as to what their new album could sound like, then we're all ears.

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