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Here's what happened when we let Rival Sons loose in a record store

One band, one record store, €100. This is what happened when we took Californian rockers Rival Sons record shopping in Berlin

Opened in 2013 as an offshoot of concert promoters Trinity Music, Berlin record shop Dodo Beach Records has a very straightforward mission statement: ‘It’s All About Music’.

Leaning on the counter, Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan casts a glance around the store, at the 30,000 vinyl albums on display, and says: “This is church, man. Record stores are where we go to feed our souls.”

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in the second week of June, and the Long Beach, California four-piece are in Berlin to support Black Sabbath at show number 29 on the Godfathers of Heavy Metal’s farewell tour The End. Loathe as we are to brag, Classic Rock can take some small credit for this pairing, due to the fact that it was at the 2014 Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards in Los Angeles where Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne first saw Rival Sons perform, duly fell in love with the band and offered to take them on the road. Today (because clearly our generosity knows no bounds) we’re in Berlin to take them record shopping, donating the princely sum of 100 Euros to help kick-start their consumerist urges.

As the four musicians dive straight into the record racks, it’s evident immediately that they’re up for the challenge, and equally clear that a budget of 25 Euros apiece won’t be nearly enough to cover their purchases.

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