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Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale on life, death and the last time she cried

Halestorm's Lzzy Hale opens up about everything from being "annoyingly optimistic" to what she'd be doing if she'd never discovered music...

Elizabeth Mae ‘Lzzy’ Hale first began performing music in Pennsylvania clubs at the age of 13. Nineteen years on, her band Halestorm are at the forefront of the modern hard rock scene, their third album, Into The Wild Life, debuting in the Billboard Top 10 upon its release in April last year. Having recently completed a European festival tour, Halestorm will spend summer 2016 with long-time friends Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry on the US Carnival Of Madness tour. “If you were living my life, you wouldn’t have the slightest feeling that rock is less important now than it ever was,” she says.

Does anyone still call you Elizabeth Mae?

There are two people in my life who still call me Elizabeth Mae: my mother and my great-aunt. My great-aunt kinda missed the whole Lzzy transition, and while she likes what I do, it’s not her kind of music and she doesn’t really get the whole Lzzy thing. Whenever I’m in the presence of someone who still calls me Elizabeth, I guess I don’t feel like my everyday self – there’s definitely a little part of my brain that flashes back to being a geeky teenager living back at home with my parents.

What were you like at school?

I was actually a very good student, all As and Bs, but that was mainly because I knew that was my vehicle out. I started the band when I was in middle school and it became my mission to have good grades and graduate just so I could keep on with it.

If music hadn’t worked out for you, what would you be doing now?

Oh my goodness. Well, when I was a kid there were three things I wanted to be: a forest ranger or a poet or an artist. I guess I got the poetry thing out there by writing lyrics, so maybe I’d be a forest ranger to please my nine‑year-old self.

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