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The six best covers of songs from the Beatles' Revolver album

From Taxman to Eleanor Rigby, each song on The Beatles' classic album Revolver has been covered hundreds of times. We bring you six of the best

When the Beatles released Revolver, it revolutionised rock music as people knew it, and inspired generations of innovative musical experimentation – as well as hundreds of cover versions of each of its tracks. Below, we bring you six of the best of those covers.

The Black Keys – She Said She Said

Sticking to the structure – if not the sonics – Dan Auerbach dirties up the chiming intro riff, ladles on the fuzz, adds a lick of tempo and gives the original’s lush harmonies a butch Midwest twang.

Hear it on: The Big Come Up (2002)

Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersTaxman

A highlight of the Concert For George, recorded a year after Harrison’s death. Fellow Traveling Wilbury Tom Petty revs up the choppy rhythm and adds a drawled vocal, Mike Campbell’s smash-and-grab take on McCartney’s solo steals it.

Hear it on: Concert For George (2003)

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