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Metallica covered by cats – it's Meowtallica!

Have you ever wondered what Metallica would sound like if James Hetfield was a cat?

You've been on the internet, right? It's great. It's full of hilarious gifs, memes you don't quite understand and cats. Lots and lots of cats. A ridiculous amount of cats. There are probably more pictures of cats on the internet than pictures of people. You probably have a favourite cat photo in your special Cat Pics folder on your laptop. We do. It's this one.

"But what does all this rambling about our feline friends have to do with metal" we hear you cry. Well, some clever internet bod has created Meowtallica. That's right, Metallica but with cats. Well... sort of. It's Metallica with the lyrics replaced by the word "meow" to create such heavy metal anthems as Meow But Meow, Meow Meowm The Meow Meows and Meow To Black. It's ridiculous but this is the internet. You're welcome.

Unfortunately, as the video makes clear, you can't actually purchase Meowtallica in any stores (and they spelled 'available' wrong, but we'll skip over that), so you'll just have to watch this on repeat until you can only communicate in meows.

Meowster Of Puppets, anyone?

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From the archive

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