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Bad Breeding are the punk band Britain needs

Bad Breeding are political punks on a mission to wake the world up – we hear from them about their freewheeling hardcore noise

As we stare down the barrel of a future dominated by President Trump, the spirit of punk rock has never been more necessary. Unfortunately, bands driven by righteous fury and a total disregard for commercial concerns are in woefully short supply, which is why Stevenage’s Bad Breeding are such a ferociously exciting shot in the arm. With a sound that recalls the chaotic savagery of the original anarcho-punk wave of the early 80s, when bands like Crass and Conflict noisily unnerved the powers-that be, but with a sturdy underbelly of Motörhead and Black Flag riffing, this young, working-class band are fighting the good fight with intelligence, humility and gallons of venom.

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