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System Of A Down's Chop Suey covered by different animals

What would happen if the animal kingdom decided to cover Chop Suey by System Of A Down?

If you've been anywhere near Facebook over the past month or so, you might be aware of YouTuber Insane Cherry – aka the person responsible for animal covers of Linkin Park's Numb and Slipknot's Duality. Now, after numerous requests from the YouTube public, System Of A Down's classic track Chop Suey! has been given the animal treatment.

The song itself is no stranger to the odd cover version, with Richard Cheese and "Weird Al" Yankovic both recording parodies, but this mammalian redux might be the definitive alternate adaptation. Featuring a variety of furry friends including dogs, cats and goats, the video also utilises the musical powers of a cockatoo pecking a pan and a hippo spraying poo everywhere. Delightful.

Which song do you think deserves an animal cover?

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