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Golden Gods 2016: the winners in full - part 4

The full run-down of the winners in each category at the Golden Gods Awards 2016. Here, we have the winners for best new band, best underground band, best UK band and more...



They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. And as Creeper rise, their family is growing

Fusing horror-punk with bouncy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Creeper are standing up for outsiders everywhere, recruiting legions of fans they call The Callous Heart. They’ve worked tirelessly over the past two years, releasing EPs and touring with the likes of the Misfits and Andy Biersack. “Misfits were one of those bands we grew up with, and they were so nice to us,” grins singer Will Gould. When we ask him and keys player Hannah Greenwood if that run of shows was the highlight of their year, they smile and shake their heads. “No, this is!” they chorus, as Will proudly clutches their Best New Band award.

“The metal community is our home,” says Will. “Ian [Miles, guitar] grew up listening to metal, and when we’re writing we’re influenced by metal. It’s our home here, and the reception of the crowd was great.”

“I grew up with a completely different background, in classical music,” adds Hannah. “I feel like I’ve been really embraced. I started getting into metal when I was about 15 or 16. I remember going to Give It A Name festival. I met a few people there and was like, ‘Yeah, this is fun!’”

As well as their hard work earning them a Golden God, they’ve also been picked alongside Letlive to support Pierce The Veil, meaning they’ll be schooling fans of the headliners at the legendary Brixton Academy in November. “We’re a bit nervous, but excited,” says Will. “We’re also doing our first headline tour of America next month, and we’re playing Reading & Leeds.”

Motörhead’s influence has also played its part in shaping Creeper. “Ian loves Motörhead,” says Will. “I’m a massive wrestling fan, so every time I watch professional wrestling and hear Triple H’s theme tune [The Game], I feel like Lemmy will live on through that. It’s awesome.”


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Phil Campbell

With more than 30 years’ service in Motörhead, the guitarist is responsible for some of the greatest songs ever

This year’s Golden Gods were a celebration of the giant, jagged and very, very loud hole that Lemmy kicked in the door of heavy metal. At the ceremony, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee joined forces with Saxon to play three of Lemmy’s favourite Motörhead tracks – Ace Of Spades, Born To Raise Hell and Overkill. Saxon had been set to tour with Motörhead earlier this year for the latter’s 40th anniversary, so it’s only fitting that the two bands teamed up for the tribute.

“Which riff was that for, then?” laughs Saxon frontman Biff Byford, when we ask Phil how he feels about his Riff Lord award. He tells us it’s impossible to pick one riff he’s most proud of. “All of them?” he shrugs. “I don’t know. I like all the Motörhead songs that made people clap at the end!”

Phil admits that Lemmy’s death is still difficult to deal with, six months on. “It’s getting harder,” he says. “It feels great to do a tribute tonight, but I’m still in shock. I did a thousand shows with him over 32 years.”

When we ask Phil and Biff for some of their favourite Lemmy memories, their faces light up as they start reminiscing. Biff remembers a strange moment of mistaken identity: “I nearly met his mum and dad once,” he tells us. “I got off the tourbus and there was a couple stood on the pavement. A guy shouted, ‘Lemmy! Say hello to your mother!’ I was like, ‘That’s not my mother, and I’m not Lemmy!’ I don’t know if he did meet them in the end.”

“A guy came up to him in a bar in ’92 and said he was Lemmy’s brother,” adds Phil. “But he could have been making it up!”

Watching Biff and Phil – and Dave Mustaine, who wanders over to join in the conversation – swap stories about Lemmy is another reminder that although Mr Kilmister is gone, he’s impossible to forget.


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