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Sir Richard Bishop picks Yes maestro Steve Howe as his prog hero

Sun City Girls and Rangda guitarist Sir Richard Bishop remembers how Steve How influenced him when he was learning his guitar craft

“Steve Howe was the first guitarist I heard whose playing really challenged me. I was 12 years old when I first heard the song Roundabout on the radio. I remember recording it from the radio onto cassette tape and then calling my friends and playing it to them over the telephone. It was a few more years before I started playing guitar but I eventually revisited that song and then started digging through other Yes records. I wanted to learn how to play what he was playing so bad but I could never figure any of it out. He was combining rock, jazz and classical elements, often within the same song. It seemed impossible to me. He inspired me to work harder on the guitar and to not be afraid to explore other possibilities."

From the archive

From the archive


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