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Are you a discerning prog fan? Bert Hodds has the label for you

Bob ‘Bert’ Hodds is the man behind a new record label The Uranium club, which promises to be the place to go for the discerning prog fan

Ask any strident prog fan to pick out the defining decade in the movement’s history, and nearly all will point to the 70s – the era of glittery capes and hour-long synth solos. For Bert Hodds, founder of The Uranium Club, it was the engine room behind the decade’s virtuoso musicianship that prompted him to start a label.

“I look in admiration at those 70s record labels and managers like Tony Stratton-Smith who created Charisma. Back then, it was the whole idea of being an ‘agent provocateur’ for artists – to be business-like but to ultimately put art and the artist first.”

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From the archive


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