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Guest stars, bass and embracing AOR: Lee Abraham on life after Galahad

With new album The Seasons Turn under his belt, former Galahad man Lee Abraham talks guest stars, giving up bass and getting into AOR

Frustrated by the slow progress of his solo career during a four-year stint as Galahad’s bassist, Southampton-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Lee Abraham left the band in 2009. However, work on other artists’ recordings – including Sean Filkins’ well-received War And Peace & Other Short Stories – meant there were five years between 2004’s View From The Bridge and the follow-up Black & White, with another five-year gap before 2014’s Distant Days. Abraham’s priority is now his own music, with The Seasons Turn his fifth solo release.

“I’d done View From The Bridge and it really took off,” he recalls, “then the following year I joined Galahad and the four years I was with them was probably their busiest period. We did three trips to Poland, a European tour with Clive Nolan, RoSfest in the US and gigs in Canada, so between 2005 and 2009 I was chock-a-block with Galahad and didn’t have a lot of time to do anything else. It was only when I started to wind down my work with them that I started to write Black & White.

“After that I went headlong into producing for other people. The big project for me was Sean Filkins’ album, which took an age to complete, so by the time I got another album out it was 2014. From 2014 to the release of The Seasons Turn, I’ve been in the privileged position of not having anything else to take up my time and being able to concentrate on my own stuff.

“It’s about the passage of time I guess,” says Abraham of his hour-long concept album. “I don’t have a grand plan with lyrics because the music is the important bit for me – the lyrics come later and they’re whatever fits and whatever mood I’m in. It was only after two or three songs were written that I noticed there was a common theme of the passing of time.”

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