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10 bands you can't afford to miss at Bloodstock this year

Bloodstock 2016 is nearly upon us – we know the headliners including Slayer, Twisted Sister and Mastodon are gonna slay, but who else do you need to see?

The UK’s most proudly metallic festival kicks off again on August 11, and this year’s lineup is looking pretty damn great. No one will want to miss headline sets from Slayer, Mastodon and Twisted Sister (their last ever UK show!), Behemoth and Satyricon performing classic albums in full or, of course, the mighty Gojira, but the rest of the bill is crammed with potential moments of steel-plated glory, too…


Friday, Ronnie James Dio Stage

If you’re old enough to remember the 90s you may still not remember this lot. Misery Loves Co. should have been huge, with a sound that welded enormous metal riffs to the cold, snarling power of industrial rock. Their self-titled 1995 debut is simply an industrial metal benchmark, and the Swedes’ two subsequent albums were killer, too. But then they disappeared… until now!


Friday, Ronnie James Dio Stage

The UK’s silliest band might as well be Bloodstock’s house band, such is their enormous popularity at Catton Hall. The last time they played at the festival two years ago, they had one of the biggest crowds of the entire weekend, despite coming on at 11am. Well worth watching for the inevitable outbreaks of drunken audience participation alone.


Friday, Sophie Lancaster Stage

Every festival needs a few moments of total chaos. Meta-Stasis specialise in such things, as last year’s album The Paradox Of Metanoia noisily demonstrated. Somewhere between the extreme metal avant-garde and the irresistible rhythmic oomph of Slipknot, this London, Reading and Brightonbased circus of madmen are conjuring terrifying new forms of mutant metal.


Friday, Sophie Lancaster Stage

Do you like riffs? Do you like beards? Do you hope to achieve an altered state of consciousness at Bloodstock? Of course you do (and yes, that last one was a euphemism for getting wasted). Well, the mighty Boss Keloid are clearly the band to fulfill all your festival requirements. April’s Herb Your Enthusiasm album took sludge to new levels of psychedelic ingenuity and, as a result, Wigan’s finest look destined to become standard-bearers for the UK’s increasingly healthy doom and stoner rock scenes. Bongtastic.

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