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Doomy Londoners Landskap evolve again for third album III

London-based psych-proggers Landskap evolve yet again for album number three

Hypothetical lines drawn in the sand between prog rock and doom metal have never been more blurred and ephemeral than they are today, and London-based psychedelic warriors Landskap are doing more than most to gently confuse the issue. As showcased on their first two albums – imaginatively titled I and II – this band have a knack for harnessing low-slung Sabbath riffs and filtering them through a purposefully mystical, lysergic prism. The end result is a refined and elegant strain of earthy prog that almost demands that you succumb to your third eye’s hypnotic gaze.

“Our first album was described by many as a doom record, our second as a psychedelic heavy rock version of The Doors, and the latest tracks we’ve recorded are now being described as stoner rock,” notes organist Kostas Panagiotou. “I would say we have all of these elements in our music – and more! I like to see us in line with the free-spirited bands of the 70s, like Uriah Heep; bands that could comfortably move between various genres without belonging to any.”

The band formed in 2012 when lead guitarist George Pan moved to London and met original bassist Fred Caure. Bonding over a shared love of the psychedelic sounds of the late 60s and early 70s, they made a vow to create music “that comes straight from the heart”, according to Pan.


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