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Meet Jinjer, the band hell-bent on putting Ukranian metal on the map

Ukranian metallers Jinjer are about to put their native music scene on the map with new album King Of Everything

Metal fans are getting used to bands emerging from the most unexpected places, but it is rare to find a band as seemingly fully formed and ready for glory as Ukrainian metal crew Jinjer. Judging by the quality of the hard-hitting mix of tech-flavoured, groove-laden metal and melodic moments on King Of Everything, they could be the band to bring their native metal scene smashing into the global spotlight. As frontwoman Tatiana Shmailyuk explains, though, it isn’t easy for a band to break through in their country.

“It is different from being European, British, and I think American, too – there are good bands, but the fingers on your right hand will be enough to count them,” say Tatiana. “Things are getting bigger little by little. We now have a couple of huge summer festivals and each of them has a separate metal stage and the crowds are huge there, but I cannot escape the feeling that at this stage it is still amateurish and lacks professionalism.”

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